Thomas Walton(b. 1980, Oxford England). He Recieved MFA From Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, his BFA  from Rhode Island School of Design, and currently lives in Philadelphia PA

Modern Family, Oil on Linen, 60"x72", 2007
Eros, Oil on Linen, 2008
Talking with Bill, Oil On linen, 24"x18", 2011
Jessica, Oil linen, 50"x40", 2011
Origami Song, Oil on Linen, 24"x22",2012
The Space in Between, Oil on Linen, 30"x22", 2012
Crossing Road, Oil on Linen, 30"x22", 2013
An Open Mind, Oil on linen, 30"x28", 2014
A look Back, Oil on linen, 22"x25", 2013
Julie in Ivon's Garden, Oil on Linen, 24"x18", 2014
Staying Connected, Oil on Linen, 12"x24", 2014
Intimate Discusions, Oil on Linen on Board, 10"x12", 2014