Perceptual Painters is a group of painters who share a common core of sensibilities. The group was formed by Brian Rego with David Campbell in 2008. These two Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts educated painters created the initial nucleus of the group among fellow MFA graduates at PAFA including Andrew Patterson Tutschka, husband and wife Tim Conte and Victoria Barnes, Aaron Lubrick,and John Lee. All of these painters worked closely with painter and PAFA professor Scott Noel. Scott Noel joined the group in 2009, along with fellow PAFA professors (and married couple) Carolyn Pyfrom and Peter VanDyck in 2011. Another segment of the group includes Neil Riley, a professor hailing from Columbus College of Art and Design and his students, Aaron Lubrick, David Jewell, and Matt Klos. The most recent additions to the group include Tom Walton and Erin Raedeke who were invited to join in 2012. Tom was a student of Scott Noel’s at PAFA and Erin was a fellow undergraduate student with Victoria Barnes and Tim Conte at Indiana University. Since the formation of Perceptual Painters, the group has been dedicated to painting, exhibiting, and teaching.

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